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Video Production, Live Streaming, and Webcasting
Price Reference


Corporate - Profile - Video Business Card

Communicate with shareholders any time, with a wide variety of platforms available to talk to those who can't make it to an in-person meeting. Feel free to live stream the next corporate event, product launch or important meetings.


Event Coverage

Not everyone can make it to a conference, but everyone has access to social media. Help spread your message by broadcasting your appearance at the next corporate conference.


Live Streaming and Webcasting

Being connected to the community is never more essential than it is with a government or council meeting. You need to be connected to your constituents; they want to know that you are representing their needs - start your next conversation in real time!


Live Show, Sports and Music

Your classroom now has no student limit. With live streaming you can reach every student, everywhere. No more limitations on learning based on distance or class size. Supercharge your teaching methods by tapping into this revolutionary technology.









Ideal for Events, Testimonials, B-Roll and More
Camera Operator, Sound & Lighting Kit
Content Delivered Raw or Highlights
Raters Start $500



Ideal for webinars, presentations, 
1 Camera Crew
1 Unmanned Camera for General Views
Video Switcher and streaming engine
Content Delivery to Facebook, Youtube, Periscope or any free CDN
Rates Start $1,500




Ideal for shows, sports, corporate, launches, live music or any live event.
Starting with 3 cameras with operator & one unmanned camera
Audio Mixer. Up tp 4 Microphones
Video Switcher and streaming engine
Content Delivery to Facebook, Youtube, Periscope or any free CDN
Rates Start $3,000
Ask us if you have a specific requirement. We can supply the most complex demands in video production and live streaming.
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